Nourish Talks was a year-long pop-up event series in Sydney’s Kings Cross from 2015 to 2016, raising funds for St Canice’s Rooftop Garden, the Inside Out Organic Soup Kitchen, the Welcome Dinner Project, We Are Table, Two Good, and Cana Farms – programs that enrich the lives of refugees and asylum seekers, young mums, new and not-so-new Australians, people experiencing mental health issues, those sleeping rough, people recently released from prison, and anyone who might benefit from some soil on their hands or some food in their bellies.

One year. Over six hundred and fifty people. Four massive global problems explored. Four shows. Countless moments of inspiration, rethinks and solutions.

This was Nourish Talks.

Climate change. Urban ecologies. Refugee justice. Soil. Big, heavy, complex issues picked apart and put back together again in surprising, beautiful and uplifting ways.

Doing something. Boom!

Nourish is on hiatus, but some of Nourish’s spirit lives on in a spin-off event series called Table Talks. Table Talks is part of a suite of initiatives from the new Sydney non-profit, Table. They’re doing great things.

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